MicroSys USA, Inc.

About MicroSys

MicroSys USA, Inc. is the result of a merger of MicroSys Associates, Inc. (MSA) and MicroSys Computers, Inc. (MSC). Dave Duff founded MSA in 1988, providing Unix and Database solutions and support. Later this expanded to include Windows and Linux based solutions and support. Gerry Van founded MSC in 1995 providing Microsoft network based solutions and support.

Both companies focused their services on a business-to-business basis, employing their own personnel, but sharing a stable of quality sub-contractors.

To better use their resources and to provide a wider array of quality services, MSA and MSC merged in May of 2004 into MicroSys USA, Inc.

MicroSys employs a nucleus of highly trained professionals with an extremely high degree of business-to-business experience. To complement the vast array of services that MicroSys offers, high quality sub-contractors are used where their knowledge is needed or when the tasks at hand require additional "hands". Sub-contractors always report to a MicroSys employee.