MicroSys USA, Inc.

Service Terms and Conditions

All transactions are COD, unless specified or agreed to differently.


MSU representative will take reasonable care. It is the responsibility of CLIENT to ensure that a current backup of all programs and data is made, by CLIENT prior to the arrival of the MSU representative, on a storage media which may be needed by the representative to complete the tasks. Regardless, CLIENT, its employees and representatives agree to hold MSU and its representatives harmless in the event of data loss and/or loss of production. CLIENT agrees that support charges will continue until the results of this service is tested and certified that all services/repairs are complete. The charges on the work-order/invoice are for professional services rendered where labor is involved.

It is understood that problems stemming from 3rd party interference may cause continuing problems such as but not limited to virus infections, advertising pop-ups, spy-ware, etc. They are to be treated on a per incident basis and that due to its nature, success or permanent success cannot be guaranteed

Network & PC Repair Support Rates

Standard Hourly Rates

  • Computers in a network (Windows or Linux) on-site $99 per hour
  • Stand-A-Lone Computers (not in a network) on-site $85 per hour
  • Computers brought to MSU depot $75 per hour
  • Telephone and on-line support $85 per hour

Time Bank

To eliminate the need for MSU to create invoices for incidental services and the subsequent need for CLIENT to write individual checks, MSU offers a Time Bank purchase, at reduced hourly rates. The hours may be used any time. Remaining hours carry over until used. The Time Bank is for Professional Services only. It does not include Hardware or additional Software when required.

The Time bank purchases are due in advance.

Time Banks:

  • 10 hours $900
  • 20 hours $1,700
  • 40 hours $3,000


The minimum charge for services is one hour. After the 1st hour, charges are in 15-minute increments. All services are substantiated with a work-order detailing the service provided.

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